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Product prices / Primera / GRAIN Refresh prices for GRAIN MINSTOCK: 1000/2500/5000


country player stock price cc gold1 gold2 link
Albania ALL
Argentina ARS
Australia AUD
Austria ATS
Bangladesh BDT
Belarus BYR
Belgium BEF
Bosnia-and-Herzegovina dvd3434 6264 0.11 BAM 0.0111 0.0105 go
Bulgaria BGN
Brazil Brazil LTD. 2230 0.18 BRL 0.0102 0.0100 go
Cambodia KHR
Canada CAD
Switzerland CHF
Chile CLP
China China LTD 4514 0.22 CNY 0.0110 0.0108 go
Colombia COP
Czech-Republic CZK
Germany DEM
Estonia EEK
Spain ESP
Finland FIM
France FRF
United-Kingdom lopnogob 5100 0.19 GBP 0.0095 0.0084 go
Greece GRD
Croatia Italy Org 3000 0.14 HRK 0.0112 0.0110 go
Hungary HUF
Indonesia IDR
Ireland IEP
India INR
Iran IRR
Italy Italy Org 3499 0.09 ITL 0.0090 0.0089 go
Japan Bank of Japan 1999 0.23 JPY 0.0115 0.0058 go
South-Korea KRW
Lithuania LTL
Latvia LVL
Republic-of-Macedonia MKD
Mexico MXN
Montenegro MEP
Malaysia MYR
Israel dvd3434 6585 0.16 NIS 0.0103 0.0103 go
Netherlands NLG
New-Zealand NZD
Norway NOK
Peru PEN
Pakistan PKR
Philippines PHP
Poland Melchizedekus 14500 0.20 PLN 0.0101 0.0084 go
Portugal PTE
Romania RON
Serbia RSD
Slovakia SKK
Russia RUB
Sweden SEK
Slovenia SIT
Turkey turanarzusu 6000 0.17 TRY 0.0093 0.0085 go
Taiwan TWD
Thailand THB
Vietnam VND
Ukraine Italy Org 3000 0.23 UAH 0.0115 0.0113 go
USA Italy Org 3000 0.25 USD 0.0102 0.0099 go

Its grey = Its old :)
Grey countries warn you that the data for them is older than 60 minutes. If you want fresh price info, click the yellow refresh arrow button. Please dont abuse the refresh button. For raw products we are showing offers above 200 stock.

Last update: 2018-05-21 23:29:19 EET