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E-sim economy tools for primera, secura, suna and orange

In E-sim Golden Tools you can get information about Monetary Market (pairs of country currency and gold), Raw Prices, Product Prices, Job Offers for workers and company managers, even Stock Market! - All in realtime from the game.

E-sim is a browser virtual world simulator. In E-sim you can become whoever you want - politician, economist or fight for your country as a soldier! Have you ever dream of conquering countries like China or USA? Join now!

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Primera's Finest

IRON 0.0099 gold
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GRAIN 0.0047 gold
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DIAMONDS 0.0110 gold
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09.04.2020 - Stopped all scripts that get info from e-sim. E-sim is almost dead. This tool is for sale - contact me at ssew . support [at] gmail.com

25.09.2019 - Added server Orange. Fixed broken product market AGAIN! e-sim staff edit some code for no reason... The game still dies.

25.02.2019 - Added server Aurora. Working on a fix for the broken product market

See more at changelog page

Monetary Market refresh times

Primera - at 0,20,40 minutes of every hour
Secura - at 15,35,55 minutes of every hour
Suna - every half of an hour
Orange - at 25 minutes of every hour

Salaries and Top jobs refresh times

Primera - 30 minutes at every hour (ready at around H:40)
Secura - every day at 10:30 and 17:30 (Eastern European Time GMT+2)
Suna - no auto indexing
Orange - every exact hour

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