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E-sim economy tools for primera, secura, suna, america and antica

In E-sim Golden Tools you can get information about Monetary Market (pairs of country currency and gold), Raw Prices, Product Prices, Job Offers for workers and company managers, even Stock Market! - All in realtime from the game.

E-sim is a browser virtual world simulator. In E-sim you can become whoever you want - politician, economist or fight for your country as a soldier! Have you ever dream of conquering countries like China or USA? Join now!

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Primera's Finest

IRON 0.0072 gold
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GRAIN 0.0063 gold
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DIAMONDS 0.0066 gold
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23.07.2016 - Removed dead servers and all info updated. New tax updates.

07.02.2016 - From today we index job offers with company type, needed for calculating salary with income tax included/excluded for every offer! Sorting by skills added too! (Screenshot) WIP! It will be active for you all soon!

02.02.2016 - Minor updates on styles. Added row highlight on row movements and custom info popups.

31.01.2016 - Im happy to announce that all servers of e-sim are covered now!

30.01.2016 - Next big thing today is Suna Product Market page! Enjoy searching for cheap products :P Also i added AJAX Refresh on Product Markets for realtime refresh results with coloring and arrows for the prices. More updates soon.

27.01.2016 - I know many people play on the new server antica.e-sim.org, so I added Monetary Market info for ANTICA indexing on every 5,25,45 minutes of the hour and Product Prices for ANTICA server too!

18.01.2016 - Primera Monetary Market indexing is now working 24/7 for all you trader people using my e-sim tools!

11.01.2016 - Added long term history for MM avalable for registered users. Registrations will open soon! Working on regions page for secura, where you can see info about NPCs and take over regions for maximum profits >:]

09.01.2016 - Links for more third party tools for e-sim added. Happy 2016!

Thank you all!

E-sim GT soon will be more easy to understand, with more intuitive controls, offering tutorials for new gamers and businessman. Work continues. Thanks again! Heres a chart of our visitors by countries:
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Monetary Market refresh times

Primera - 0,20,40 minutes of every hour
Secura - every half hour
Suna - 15,35,55 minutes if every hour
Antica - 5,25,45 minutes of every hour
America - 10,30,50 minutes of every hour

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