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25.02.2019 - Added server Aurora. Working on a fix for the broken product market

06.05.2017 - Added server Xaria.

30.07.2017 - Added Raw Price for all servers. NOW you can choose the size of the best offer with MINSTOCK 1000,2500,5000 links. Added auto refresh for Harmonia monetary market at every 25 minutes of an hour.

27.07.2017 - Added the new server harmonia, again - monetary market, products and job offers!

23.07.2017 - Removed refugia pages and added Inferna full featured - monetary market, products and job offers!

04.07.2017 - Preparing refugia pages and adding new features! Support us and will happen faster!

07.01.2017 - Preparing for classica removal and adding new features!

02.01.2017 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Changes on salaries page - added 2 more skill levels for classica, removed dead countries, indexing is once now every hour. NEW! Salary indexing for primera once per every hour!!!

30.12.2016 - Made some changes at Salaries pages for all servers. Now by holding mouse over a cell you see correct info.

11.09.2016 - NEW automated refresh rate of classica job offer info - every 20 minutes!

06.09.2016 - Changed Secura and Suna MM Refresh times, now suna will be the slowest one. Preparing 2 new servers to do the data mining and computing needed.

05.09.2016 - Added CLASSICA server Monetary Market information pages. Products and Jobs very soon! Added new Top Jobs pages, prices in gold AFTER TAX, REAL PRICES IN GOLD at last. :) New Monetary Market pages too!!! Faster and better looking.

23.07.2016 - Removed dead servers and all info updated. New tax updates.

07.02.2016 - From today we index job offers with company type, needed for calculating salary with income tax included/excluded for every offer! Sorting by skills added too! (Screenshot) WIP! It will be active for you all soon!

02.02.2016 - Minor updates on styles. Added row highlight on row movements and custom info popups.

31.01.2016 - Im happy to announce that all servers of e-sim are covered now!

30.01.2016 - Next big thing today is Suna Product Market page! Enjoy searching for cheap products :P Also i added AJAX Refresh on Product Markets for realtime refresh results with coloring and arrows for the prices. More updates soon.

27.01.2016 - I know many people play on the new server antica.e-sim.org, so I added Monetary Market info for ANTICA indexing on every 5,25,45 minutes of the hour and Product Prices for ANTICA server too!

18.01.2016 - Primera Monetary Market indexing is now working 24/7 for all you trader people using my e-sim tools!

11.01.2016 - Added long term history for MM avalable for registered users. Registrations will open soon! Working on regions page for secura, where you can see info about NPCs and take over regions for maximum profits >:]

09.01.2016 - Links for more third party tools for e-sim added. Happy 2016!

11.06.2014 - Added indexing of import % of all countries, so we are one step closer to ultimate e-sim sellers tool.

28.05.2014 - Fixed some missing conditions in Product Market queries making confusion with income and vat %.

27.05.2014 - Added 4 new countries for indexing at secura server! Preparing for merge with oriental.

11.05.2014 - Added option "im a seller" at Product Market pages and changed post method to save search data!

22.01.2014 - Added search options on the Stock Market page. Find the best company to invest with ease!

29.12.2014 - Added Stock Market page, some usefull functions and sorting!!! WOW WTF! :D bawwws

27.12.2014 - Added Product Market page, fully working for primera and secura, with sorting!!! and auto-refresh ;)

24.12.2014 - Fixed some dev_by_zero bugs, added more countries to Jobs and Top jobs sections, added quality options list when food/gifts/weapons/tickets/houses/estates selected from Raw Price

Please, go and Subscribe in Primera or Subscribe in Secura. Every sub and vote counts.
Working on Top Jobs module and Products module.
Working on SC module too - it will show active stock companies and good/bad investments, so check often